brake caliper set rear left and right Fiat 124 Spider

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brake caliper set rear left and right

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Weight 1 kg
Suitable for model Fiat 124

AS 1400 Bj. 66-69 Carburetor, BS 1600 Bj. 70-73 Carburetor, CS-0 2000 Bj. 80-82 Carburetor, CS-1 1800 Bj. 74-78 Carburetor, CS-2 2000 Bj. 79-80 Carburetor, DS 2000 Bj. 83-85 Injection, DS/VX 2000 Bj. 84-85 Compressor


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: available immediately
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After installation, it may happen that the brake pads are seated on the brake disc. This makes it difficult to turn the wheel by hand and can lead to severe wear on the brake pads or brake disc. If this is the case, proceed as follows:

Bleed the brake completely and first turn the piston in half a turn. It is important that the notch is vertical. Reinstall the brake and check again. If the distance is still too small, repeat the process again.


brake caliper set rear left and right