bumper conversion kit chrome version for 74-85 models incl. bracket Fiat 124 Spider

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Installation instructions for special holder set Bump conversion chrome version for 74-85 models
Rear bumpers
1. Holder holder left / right
Drill a second drill hole with a diameter of 15 mm at a distance of 85 mm (middle center) towards the vehicle end. Drill a new well on the horizontal line to an already existing well (see Fig. 2).
2. Drill the mounting holes for the tabs on the rear bumpers left / right
The following drilling dimensions are to be observed (can also be taken again from pictures 3-5). Approximately 285 mm from the front edge / upper edge of the mud flap to the rear (see figure 3 + 4). Then approx. 23 mm from the mud flap downwards (see Fig. 5). Drilling diameter 9 mm.
3. Attach the rear bumpers left / right
Angle of the holders in the direction of the vehicle center (see Fig. 6)
4. Screw the bumpers to the rear brackets, screw to the mud flanges and align the two rear bumpers
Possibly. the outer bumper brackets of the outer brackets must be bent (must be made since different from car to car). (see figure 7)

Front bumper
1. Attach the front bumper brackets
The available tapped holes (see figure 8) are used to mount the holders. The brackets of the brackets point towards the vehicle center on both sides (see figure 9 + 10).
2. Attach and align the front bumper;
Align the bumper so that it runs parallel to the edge of the radiator, and the bumper is parallel to the body.
The included stainless steel turn signal guards are bolted together between the bumper and base.
The original flashers (US bumper) can be used on this bracket. Otherwise, you can also refer to a turn signal set as shown in Fig. 9174BBB.
3. Bend / adjust the outer holder left / right, is also here by necessity (needs to be made since different from car to car).

Additional information

Weight 21,5 kg
Suitable for model Fiat 124

CS-1 1800 Bj. 74-78 Carburetor, CS-2 2000 Bj. 79-80 Carburetor, CS-0 2000 Bj. 80-82 Carburetor, DS 2000 Bj. 83-85 Injection, DS/VX 2000 Bj. 84-85 Compressor

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Product Name: Bumper Conversion Kit for FIAT 124 Spider (1975-1985)

Product Description: Add a touch of nostalgia to your 1975-1985 FIAT 124 Spider with our high-quality bumper conversion kit. During this era, the typical US tubular bumpers were the standard. However, if you want to recreate the nostalgic atmosphere of the early models, this conversion kit is essential.

Included in the Kit:

  • Front bumper
  • Two rear bumper corners
  • Mounting brackets
  • Screws for bumper attachment

Note: Screws for attaching to the car body must be procured separately as needed.

Installation: Installation requires some DIY skills and should be performed by an experienced mechanic. Our included images provide a rough guide for the installation process.

Not Included: Please note that the rear license plate light and front blinkers must be purchased separately. The relevant products are linked to facilitate your order.

Manufacturer’s Note: Our bumpers are manufactured by one of our international partners who meet our quality requirements. However, please be aware that production often involves handcrafting and original manufacturers are often no longer available. The mounting brackets are produced in Germany and meet the highest quality standards.

Bring back the charm of the past and upgrade your 1975-1985 FIAT 124 Spider with our bumper conversion kit for a timeless look. Order today and immerse yourself in the nostalgic world of the FIAT 124 Spider!

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